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Video 1 : Scan Take

Video 1 of 6 is a short clip showing a scan being captured on a test plate with descriptions of various output displays.

Video 2 : Constants

In this video we show you how to adjust settings to clean up the scan and improve analysis examination.

Video 3 : Set up Sizing

In the third video we show you how to use the calibration scan to set the depth constants.

Video 4 : Repetitive and Defect Scan

After setting up the equipment we scan a real plate containing a defect and show how to save the data.

Video 5 : Sizing Defect

In video 5 we show you how to calculate both depth and length of an unknown defect. Also we provide a great tip for making a report that little bit easier.

Video 6 : Filter

In our final video, we show you how to use the filter option to further improve the captured data.