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LIZARD® M8 System

The LIZARD® M8 NDE system is an advanced electromagnetic defect detection and corrosion mapping system for structural and materials integrity assessment. System variants are available for topside or subsea inspection use, both operating under the same LISS software to ensure a common interface for all users. With the implementation of the new build standard the LIZARD® M8 is now able to drive extended probe cables of up to 200M in length, whether topside only or topside to subsea allowing for the use of the topside LIZARD® M8 system for ‘near surface’ or ‘air diving’ subsea inspection programmes. For deep water applications the LIZARD® Dive system is available either for diver or ROV deployment.

The LIZARD® system provides uncompromising performance in one low cost instrument. Whether your need is LIZARD® Electromagnetic Array, LIZARD® AC Field Measurement, advanced LIZARD® Field Gradient Imaging (FGI) or Classic Eddy Current inspection or alternatively choose a user defined combination of techniques to ensure total confidence in defect detection.

The latest build standard of the topside LIZARD® M8 provides –

System Specification -

Interface -

Power -